Cellar clearing January 2020

Peter Heck
28. January 2020

The new year starts once again with a cellar clearing. We started with a comparison of the two Salwey Pinot Blanc GG wines from 2015. Both are powerful, but still somewhat immature – further storage is required here. This was almost to be feared at the on-site tasting at the winery, as the wines there were massively closed.

Then it was on to the red wines – a colorful mix with a small focus on Portugal. It was surprising that the Quinta Do Crasto “Old Vines Reserva” weakened here – actually always a candidate for first place, it proved to be inharmonious. Perhaps we have caught it at a low point in its maturity, I will keep an eye on it and try the wine again at a later date. My personal favorites of the evening were the “Quinta Dos Murcas” and the “antica terra”, both completely different of course, but fascinating in their own way.