The new year starts once again with a cellar clearing. We started with a comparison of the two 2015 Weissburgunder GG from Salwey. Both present themselves punchy, but still a bit immature – further storage is still called for here. Was almost to be feared at the sample on site in the winery, because the wines there have shown massively closed.

Then it was on to the red wines – a colorful mix with a small focus on Portugal. Surprised here that the Quinta Do Crasto “Old Vines Reserva” weakened – actually always a candidate for first place, it showed itself unharmonious. Maybe we caught it at a low point in its maturity, will keep an eye on it and queue the wine again at a later date. My personal favorites of the evening were the “Quinta Dos Murcas” and the “antica terra”, both completely different, of course, but fascinating in their own way.