Wine tours

Of course, you can always taste and discover a wine at a wine merchant, in a restaurant or at home, but nothing beats personal contact with the producer. Only here can you learn the story behind the wines at first hand, ask questions and taste the range of wines.

For this reason, but also for the sake of conviviality, we have been going on wine trips together for over 15 years, which have taken us to many wine-growing regions in Germany and Europe.

Mann schenkt Wein in Dekanter im Freien.

Here is a list of our wine tours. The link symbol behind the headline points to a photo album of the wine trip.

Wine tours in Germany

- Nahe

Visited wineries:
– Hermannsberg Estate
– Dr. Crusius Winery
– Winery K.H. Schneider

- Palatinate

Visited wineries:
– Meßmer Winery
– Winery Ökonomierat Rebholz
– Wilhelmshof Winery
– Schunk Winery

- Baden (Kaiserstuhl)

Visited wineries:
– Salwey Winery
– Winery Heger
– Fritz Keller Winery
– Winery Stiegler

- Franconia

Visited wineries:
– Rudolf Fürst

- Rheinhessen

Visited wineries:
Winery Thörle in Saulheim

- Ahr

Visited wineries:
– Meyer-Näkel

- Near

Visited wineries:
– Schlossböckelheim estate management

- Palatinate

Visited wineries:
– Economist Rebholz

Wine travel abroad

- South Tyrol

Visited wineries:
– Loacker Winery
– Peter Dipoli
– Glacierhof (Stefan Vaja)
– Ferruccio Carlotto

- Piedmont

Visited wineries:
– Matteo Correggia
– Icardi
– Damilano
– Mario Marengo

- Styria

Visited wineries:
– Tement Winery
– Neumeister Winery
– Winery Polz
– Winkler-Hermaden Winery

- Rioja

Visited wineries:
– Bodegas Azpilicueta
– Bodegas Muga
– Dinastía Vivanco
– Bodegas Beronia
– La Rioja Alta
– R. López de Heredia
– Bodegas Roda

- South Tyrol

Visited wineries:
– Tiefenbrunner
– Elena Walch
– Manincor
– Lageder
– Castel Salleg

- South Tyrol

Visited wineries:
– Peter Dipoli
– Muri Gries Abbey Winery
– Terlan Winery
– Girlan Winegrowers’ Cooperative