The Trinksportgruppe (TSG) was formed during visits to the wine seminars of the wine store “Hanglage” in Rüsselsheim. Little by little, a group of max. 24 people formed up, who organize joint activities around the theme of wine.

In terms of age, we are in the 40-60 range, with outliers down (26 years) and up (70 years). The professions we come from are also diverse, from househusband to self-employed entrepreneur – even retirees are in our ranks.

Partially, the group also develops focal points – be it Gerd and Eiko in the area of cooking, Ede and Angela with Italian wines or Bernd with his Riesling preferences, but overall we are a colorful mix.

But what always unites us is the passion for good wine!

In case one or the other wonders why there are no photos or further information about the members published on this website – this is done out of the legitimate interest of some members for anonymity on the net. Therefore, there are no photos of TSG members in the public galleries.

The members of the drinking group are: Annette Eiko Tina Gerd Jeanette Michael Sandra Ralf Ulrike Silke Andi Bernd Brigitta Beate Hannes Claudia Jürgen Inka Peter Angela Ede Meike Elias Robert Roland