The drinking sports group (TSG) was formed during visits to the wine seminars at the "Hanglage" wine store in Rüsselsheim. Gradually, a group of max. 24 people who organize joint activities around the theme of wine.In terms of age, we are in the 40-60 age range, with outliers at the bottom (30+) and top (70+). The professions we come from are also diverse, from househusbands to self-employed entrepreneurs - we also have retirees in our ranks.In some cases, the group also focuses on specific areas - be it Gerd and Eiko in the area of cooking, Ede and Angela with Italian wines or Bernd with his Riesling preferences, but overall we are a colorful mix.But what always unites us is our passion for good wine

The members of the Trinksportgruppe are: