The Trinksportgruppe was formed during visits to the wine seminars of the wine store “Hanglage” in Rüsselsheim. Gradually, a group of currently > 20 people formed, who organize joint activities around the area of wine.

On the one hand, this website is intended to introduce us – especially to the winegrowers in advance of a visit, on the other hand, we collect here in a closed area the photos and videos of our common activities.


What could be better than enjoying the culinary delights together? Under this motto we meet regularly to cook and of course to drink the appropriate wine. Once a year, the whole troop gets together at Annette and Eiko's for a big cooking event. And of course this is also the opportunity for Eiko to open some of his magnum bottles!

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Cellar Clearings

After a few years, of course, quite a bit accumulates in the various wine cellars and here, of course, is the opportunity to invite the others from the drinking sports group to join them in order to reduce the stocks together. We have started a new variant in 2019 - the bottle party, where everyone brings a bottle of wine and something to eat and then you taste together.

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Wine tours

Together we travel to the wine regions of Germany and Europe to visit / discover the top winemakers of each wine region. Besides many German wine regions (Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Nahe, Baden, Ahr, Franconia...) we have also been to many European wine regions (Rioja, Piedmont, South Tyrol, Styria...).

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Life is too short to drink bad wine!

Under this motto we are on the road to discover wines that leave a lasting impression

Winter menu 2020

Once again, the Trinksportgruppe met to eat and drink wine. Meike, Eiko, Gerd, Michael and Peter have conjured up a 9-course menu for 21 guests.

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